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Updated: Apr 25, 2022

I create beautiful experiences for my clients on weekends called Aroma Gong Sessions .

I hold the space for them so they can connect with themselves and let all the troubles of daily life away.

I use the best essential oils, and I must say I am absolutely happy they found me. One of my favourite nature tools I use daily and I recommend them to my patients too.

I know that the purest essential oils, harvested in natural habitat, produce the highest vibrations and have medicinal purposes. Pachamama, meaning sacred Mother Earth is a living being with physical, astral and spiritual bodies, which interconnect. Pachamama is a nurturer, and a spiritual mother who holds the secret of the Universe within her.

Vibrational healing like gong is about the notion that all living organisms are infused with a life force or energy that is influenced by other energetic vibrations. This can be traced back in civilizations around the world. Over the centuries physicians and healers have discovered many different ways of using light, sound and other vibrational wave forms in ways they can bring about healing. It is possible that the flower remedies - essences encapsulating the energy of flowers - were first used therapeutically in Lemuria. They may have been taken as an aid to spiritual development and attaining enlightenment.

There hasn’t been much research done on essential oil frequencies, but for me it is obvious that pure oils have frequency. Medicinal properties and frequencies can elevate our health to another level. I have a very good experience with using essential oils during gong baths.

It always brings that extra dimension to it, and aromatic steam coming out if the diffuser in the light of the candles creates something magical. If I don’t use it in a diffuser I put a drop or two on my palms.

What are essential oils?

I only work with best, purest essential oils available. I call them the Spirits of the Earth.

How they can be used?

The remarkable thing about essential oils is that they can be used in many diverse ways.

When choosing which method, it is best to follow the safety guidelines (I listen to my inner guidance as well). As the chemistry and essential oil is able to dance with your own self, the healing will occur. Healing happens because your body is highly intelligent. Mother Earth and plant medicine give you gentle nudges and reminders to return back to your optimal potential.

Breath connection. Aromatic.

Essential oils affect the body quickly and powerfully. When used aromatically, aromatic compounds interact with the olfactory system and limbic system to effectively instigate therapeutic chemical changes in the body.

When you delve deeper into the simple act of breathing, inhaling and exhaling, it is more than just bringing oxygen into your body. Each time we inhale, we breathe in the oxygen and life force gifted to us from the surrounding plants and trees. As we exhale, we gift and return carbon dioxide, which the plants and trees need for their survival. It becomes a symbiotic relationship between you and the plant kingdom. As you inhale and exhale with mindfulness, your awareness expands.

You recall and deepen your connection with nature. You can place a drop of your favourite essential oil in your hands and inhale by cupping your hands around your nose. I like using diffusers.

Inhaling essential oils can have an amazing and rapid impact on the body. The essential oil molecules absorb into your lungs entering the blood stream. They also communicate through your olfactory system, influencing parts of your brain and altering the psychological function throughout your body.

In essence, the oil chemistry dances with the physical make up and energy of your body. Although it may seem like you are just smelling an essential oil from a bottle, a diffuser, a spritzer or pure –fume (are words for perfume used on the body), it is a highly potent and powerful way of using the essential oils.

Nothing takes you down memory lane faster than your sense of smell. As you inhale the essential oil, it will impact your mind and emotions. These beautiful aromatic compounds drift up your olfactory bulbs, enter the brain, and go straight to the limbic system. This is the brain’s emotional control centre, as well as where emotions are created. Here, you can create powerful aromatic anchors (anchoring is a powerful technique for controlling thoughts and emotions. As you anchor, you can choose your state of mind. By being able to instantaneously create a mind state, you can draw upon your strengths at will, allowing you to be at your best in the moments that matter) so that every time you inhale an essential oil, it takes you back to a particular moment in time. For instance, when you breathe a wild orange, you can feel joy and uplift, every time you need a dose of this feeling, turn to this oil to create that response. In another example, when you breathe lavender, you connect with her as a comforter, the duvet of an aromatherapy kingdom. You can look to her when seeking stillness, calm and security.

Using essential oils in this way is transformational. It will help you to transmute whatever you feel, you need to move beyond. The oils work quickly and help to engage my courage and brave spirit, elevating my emotions within moments and transforming my mood, breathe by sacred breath. Inhalation and aromatic use of essential oils are extremely beneficial, powerful and effective modes of using these gifts of the Earth.

The bioactive energy of scent and the nose’s ability to absorb if for therapeutic benefits are proven by the efficacy of aromatherapy, which has been used for millennia throughout the Orient to cure disease. Medieval Arab physicians noted the potent medicinal properties of scents when they observed that perfumes and incense makers rarely suffered the ravages of cholera and other plagues which regularly swept by middle East.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils of certain fragrant plants to cure specific ailments by exposing aromas in volatile form to the olfactory nerves in nose, which are directly linked to the brain and the energy meridians. These essential oils are secreted in plants by special glands in the roots, stems, leaves and flowers. Botanists compare these secretions to the hormones secreted in animals.

The Yellow Emperor’s classic states, essence transforms into energy. In other words, when the essential oils of aromatic plants are permitted to evaporate the air, they release their energy as fragrance, and this energy is absorbed by the olfactory nerves when a waft of fragrance enters the nose. Aromatherapy works only with scents derived from natural living sources, such flowers, seeds and roots.

Synthetic scents have smell but no energy, and any sensitive nose can really tell the difference. In 1960, the French, medical journal L’Hopital published an article on aromatherapy by Dr J Valent, in which he explains this mechanism as follows:

“Carried by bloodstream, the ionized plant aroma, impregnates every corner of the body, powerfully revitalizes the polarized and discharged cells, replenishes electronics shortages by recharging the bio-electromagnetic batteries, and disperses cellular residue by dissolving the viscous and diseased substances of body fluids. It oxidizes poisonous metabolic waste products, increases energy balance, frees the mechanism of organic oxidation and of self-regulation, and reaches the lungs and kidneys, whence it is excreted or exhaled without trace.” (The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity by Daniel Reid.)


Everything is energy. Albert Einstein said: “everything in life has a vibration”. Vibration can be defined as an easy to measure rate of electrical energy that is constant between any two points.

Bruce Tainio did not only measure the bio frequency of human beings, he also did his experiments on foods, herbs and other plants. Using megahertz (MHz) as the unit of measurement, Tainio found out that:

Essential oils started from frequency of 52 MHz and the highest was 320 MHz (which is the frequency of pure Rose essential oil).

The clinical research by Bruce Tainio proved that essential oils have highest recognized, measurable frequency of any other form of plant extract known to man. Essential oils seem to build an environment in which fungus, bacteria, disease, microbes and other disease causing pathogens cannot endure.

Bruce Tainio developed a highly sensitive sensor to measure different frequencies, and different researches found this:

- processed/canned food had a zero MHz frequency

- fresh produce measured up to 15 MHz frequency

- fresh herbs from 20 -27 MHz

- Essential oils started at 52 MHz and went as high as 320 MHz, which is the frequency of Rose oil (some other resources show that Black spruce has 520 MHz)


The human body frequency.

By: Khaled Hamlaoui.

Everything is based on calorie.

Everything is energy, everything in our existence is connected to a field of electromagnetic vibrational frequencies, and as we know everything made of atoms which produce, emit and receive energy which operates at specific frequency, even our emotions and thoughts have their own electromagnetic fields, as do viruses and bacteria.

Bruce Tainio said that the healthy human body resonates at a frequency of 62-78 MHz, and diseases starts when the frequency drops to 58 MHz.

When the frequency drops because of physiological or emotional or environmental factors, the immune system becomes weak, so viruses, bacteria find it easier to do their work, so as Nikola Tesla said "if you could eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered with our bodies, we could have greater resistance toward disease".

I like combining best quality essential oils with gong baths. Depending on the differing frequencies of the essential oils, there are those that give you spiritual benefits, emotional benefits and others will give you physical benefits. The highest frequency essential oils result in spiritual benefits. The middle frequency essential oil cause emotional benefits. They help to let go of traumas. When the essential oil is in your system, it helps you to dislodge past traumas by dealing with them on your consciousness where you can easily let them go.

For example applying Frankincense essential oil (147 MHz ) on your crown will leave you experiencing an uplifted state of moods.

I often use Wild Orange, Rose and Serenity during going baths. I absolutely love Helychrysum and I use it in blends which I create; for example:

2 drops of Lavender oil

2 drops of Helychrisum

4 drops of Frankinscense

I use them in a diffuser.

Using essential oils to boost frequency enables body to rejuvenate worn out cells while improving the immune defence. Frequencies of potent essential oils are almost 12 times higher than herbs and more than 21 times higher than foods.

According to a research (Bruce Tainio), a component with higher frequency is able to raise the frequency of another component with a lower frequency. In this case, the substance with a higher frequency is the oil while the component with a low frequency is your body. This happens due to the principle of resonance, which explains, the tendency for two oscillating bodies at different frequencies to lock into phase so that their vibrations oscillate at a harmonized frequency. The principle of resonance therefore, is the key to understanding the kind of effect that essential oils can leave on our own electromagnetic frequencies. Like gongs.

It is also important to remember that essential oils do not heal. What they do is they enhance the body’s ability to heal itself (Gongs and Homeopathy).

I believe that the elegance of the oils resonate gently with our bodies electrical fields, helping us restore harmonic health and general wellbeing on all echelons. Best quality essential oils create a wonderful scenography during gong healing sessions.

Thank you,

Lucia Miniewska

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