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Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Connect with the rhythm of your heart.

I was sitting by the river in my home town in Poland. It was a sunny day. I took a deep breath and felt with all my senses what was happening around me. I felt warm sun on my skin, I heard birds chirping, cars passing by, I heard the noise of the river. I remembered my three step breathing space practice. I learnt it from my mindfulness coach to stop, pause and breathe. What I see, hear, taste, touch and smell. That helps me to get tune in with myself and connect with my heart.

The first one was wide awareness, I checked in. How was I? I acknowledged my feelings of peace and gratitude. I placed my hand on my heart.

Then I narrowed my focus and took a deep breath into the belly. I paused for a moment as I wanted to cherish that moment for longer. Finally I activated the wide awareness with my whole body. I asked myself a question then: How am I NOW? I was so focused that I heard my own heartbeat, and it was the moment I realised it is the rhythm of life from the moment we are born to this world, until the last beat of the heart. How many beats of my heart were given to me?

It is the rhythm which calms baby who just came out of a mother’s womb, it is a place where we put our hand and synchronise our breath to it. Heart energy is simple, giving, loving, calming. It is a source of vibrational energy. I decided to write about it as heart's energy is what brings you closer to the Universe. Allowing it to expand into your being, bringing inspiration and sense of direction inside you.

During my Reiki course I learnt about chakras. I have learnt that healing journey starts with me and understanding that I am are responsible for my internal and external experiences of my life. That took me a while to process as I was in a vibration to blame others for my circumstances. One day I realised I do not listen to my heart, to my intuition. It came to the point in my life when it came up to the surface so much that I couldn't ignore it any more. My heart wants me to find my own rhythm. Now when I place my hand on my heart I honour it and I understand how precious this is.

I also learnt that each chakra is linked to a note. Certain instruments can be used to energize and rebalance the whole chakra system, such as bells, gongs, and crystals bowls are particularly powerful healing tools. Fashioned from pure, clear, crushed quartz crystals into various sizes, a bowl is attuned to each one of the seven chakras. Each bowl, when struck by a rubber gong, emits a note which reverberates through the atmosphere and every cell of the body, clearing disharmony and debris from related chakra to enhance the natural resonance of the body.

Chakra Note

1 st (root) C

2 nd (hara) D

3 nd (solar plexus) E

4 th (heart ) F

5 th (throat) G

6 th (Third eye) A

7 th (crown) B

Sound therapy is one of the most ancient forms of healing. Thousands of years ago Tibetan Monks realized that chanting simple sounds could alter states of consciousness and enhance feelings of wellbeing. Sound can be used in many ways to encourage healing.

The Sound OM. It is said to be primordial sound born with the Universe.

This is a short practice which helps to release any tension. Its vibration links us the original source of creation. It is similar with the gong. The gong is played through us, the same the sound OM is coming through us. This is how we find our own source of power.

Enjoy your Om practice.

With Love,


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